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Fourteen Inspiring Fall Tablescapes

"Autumn brings the promise of home and family." I love gathering with family and friends this time of year, making memories and eating delicious foods.  A beautifully decorated table can be the centerpiece of your home and an inviting place to gather.  I have compiled a list of 14 Inspiring Fall Tablescapes to help you decorate your own table. Enjoy! One Bethany @blessedonbluefinch on ... Read More about Fourteen Inspiring Fall Tablescapes

DIY Ironing Board Hanger

Make this simple DIY Ironing Board Hanger to coral your ironing board, broom, and mop! I had a big problem with a certain corner in our laundry room.   The ironing board, mop, and broom were usually just shoved back there and always in the way every time we had to get to the water jugs.  I needed a simple solution to get them up off the floor and out of the way.  I came up with this ... Read More about DIY Ironing Board Hanger

DIY Farmhouse Chicken Wire Frame

Use this DIY Farmhouse Chicken Wire Frame to display your child's artwork or your calendar and important reminders! My kids are always creating cute pictures. After showing me their creations, they want to hang them up. Of course. In order to avoid scrubbing off paper that has been glued to the wall (yes, it's happened), I decided to create a designated space where they can hang up their ... Read More about DIY Farmhouse Chicken Wire Frame

My Health and Fitness Journey

Join me as I share my journey towards a healthier and happier me! I am not the type of person that has always been exceptionally fit or super big into fitness. I enjoy eating sweets way too much and used to laugh at the idea of exercising. I would think, why should I put forth all that effort when the results might never come? And when in the world would I ever have the time to go to the ... Read More about My Health and Fitness Journey

Snack Cards for Preschoolers

Make choosing snacks a breeze with these Snack Cards for Preschoolers! My preschooler (and now toddler too, oh joy) and I go through this same routine literally every 15! Preschooler: Mom, I'm hungry. I want something to eat. Me: Okay, what would you like? Preschooler: Come with me! (Runs to the kitchen and opens the fridge.) Me: Do you want blueberries, ... Read More about Snack Cards for Preschoolers

How to Build a Decorative Window

Use this tutorial to build a decorative window for your mantel. I saw an arched window on Instagram a few months ago, and fell in love. I thought a large window would make the perfect addition to my mantel shelf above the piano. Rather than spend $60 or more to buy one, I decided to save money and figure out how to make a window to fit my space. The window I built measures 36 inches wide, ... Read More about How to Build a Decorative Window

DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Making decorations for your home can be really fun! Here are some ideas to help get you started. Does your house feel a little empty after all of the festive Christmas decorations are put away? Mine sure does! Here are a few of my favorite DIY Valentine’s Day ideas that can help you show your house some love! Pink and Gold Valentine’s Day Mantel from Landeelu Valentine’s Day ... Read More about DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

5 DIY Queen Headboards

Here are 5 Queen Headboard Tutorials to help you get started on your next project! We recently rearranged the bedroom sharing situation in our home. My oldest daughter finally got her wish for her own room and moved into the guest room. Now she has a queen bed that is in need of a headboard. Building a headboard yourself can save you quite a bit of money and is easier than you ... Read More about 5 DIY Queen Headboards

DIY Dollhouse

Create an adorable dollhouse for your little one and all of her little friends with this tutorial! My girls love playing with anything cute and little. I got to thinking that all of their cute little friends needed a home of their own. While searching Pinterest for inspiration, I came across this adorable little dollhouse and the free plans. Perfect! The house is about 2 feet wide and 3 ... Read More about DIY Dollhouse

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